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Supervisor:                Executive Housekeeper

Department:              Housekeeping

1.         Summary of the Position:

To clean, sanitize, move furniture, hang curtains and any other function as outlined by the Executive Housekeeper.
2.         Key Responsibilities:


Normal scheduled shift is 7AM-3PM.

Dust mop using mop treatment, spray evenly, over mop.

Clean all countertops using disinfectant soap as directed.  Use a clean soft cloth using a gentle stroke.

Clean refrigerator using disinfectant soap and a soft, clean cloth and rinse well.  Clean kitchen cabinets and window sills in the same manner.

Wipe fingerprints and spots off elevator doors and in residents’ rooms, especially around light switches.  If needed use Lysol foam to remove marks and spots.

Clean nurses' stations with dustmop.  Clean all countertops, telephones and window sills with disinfectant soap or disinfectant cleanser. 

Clean resident rooms first by dust mopping floor.  Each bed, tray, stand, and chairs are cleaned with disinfectant soap as directed.  Clean sinks with soft liquid cleanser, rinse well with hot water.  Wipe mirrors using window/glass cleaner.

Mop halls using dust mop with treatment.

Clean handrails with disinfectant soap as directed.   Vacuum all crevices with small sweeper and use disinfectant soap as directed.

Clean commodes by spraying with commode cleaner on inside and wiping with johnny mop.  Clean outside of commode with disinfectant soap.

Clean sinks with disinfectant soap or disinfectant liquid cleanser.

Dust mop linen rooms with dust mop with treatment.

Clean water fountains by cleaning mouthpiece with disinfectant soap and rinsing with hot water.  Clean tray of the fountain with stainless steel cleaner after using disinfectant soap.

Linens are picked up in main laundry daily in clean linen carts and placed on shelves for the section.


Clean kitchen cabinets weekly using disinfectant soap as directed.

Clean all linen shelves with disinfectant soap as directed.

Clean bottom half of Venetian blinds using disinfectant soap as directed.

Dust mop stairwells weekly.  Use disinfectant soap to clean window sills, railings and blinds in the stairwells.

Scrub shower chairs weekly with disinfectant soap as directed.

Clean all medicine cabinets weekly using disinfectant soap as directed.

Clean windows on the inside as often as possible.  Have co-workers help with the outside.


Clean televisions using disinfectant soap on cabinet.  Use soft cloth to clean front of glass.

Clean cabinets and doors using disinfectant soap as directed.

Clean beds monthly using disinfectant soap.  Wipe mattress also with disinfectant soap.

To clean elevator shields, have maintenance slide-out cover and use disinfectant soap as directed.  Have maintenance replace cover.

Use wall tools with dust clothes on them to remove dust from hallways, and resident rooms


Strip room completely every year and clean walls, floor and all furniture with porter and as directed by Executive Housekeeper.

Perform all other duties as directed by Executive Housekeeper.

3.       Experience/Education:

Expected to be a high school graduate or no less than 10 years of schooling.

4.      Mental/Physical Requirements:

Housekeeper must be able to use both arms and legs for cleaning all manner of furniture and at times be able to get on hands and knees to clean floors, beds, under sinks, etc.  Housekeeper must be able to lift at least 50lbs and be able to slide furniture such as beds and nightstands that are on wheels.  Must be able to lift and move mattresses weighing at least 50lbs.  Housekeeper must have sufficient sight to spot trouble areas and to clean accordingly and enough hearing to hear residents and staff members who may need their attention.  Housekeeper must have sufficient mental capacity to work totally without supervision at times and to see problem areas on their own.

5.         QAPI

Recognize your role as part of the QAPI efforts of your organization.

Attend trainings to build understanding and capacity to undertake QAPI work.

Carry out QAPI roles and responsibilities as assigned.

Follow established policies and procedures in support of QAPI efforts.

Look for and share with leadership ideas for improvement in the organization.

Communicate to leadership upon witnessing the positive outcomes of a QAPI project or detecting barriers preventing project success.

Support QAPI efforts both verbally and non-verbally (i.e., via actions and attitude), including adjusting performance and practice in accordance with QAPI initiatives and findings.