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Welty Home Personal Care Assistant

Supervisor:         Nurse on Duty, Administrator & Manager

Summary of the position: Provides personal care services to residents including, but not limited to the following: walking, bathing, dressing, grooming, oral hygiene, eating, toileting, getting in and out of bed and/or supervision required because of age or mental impairment.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Assist residents with bathing, grooming, dressing (including assistance in selecting clothing), oral hygiene, toileting (frequently for some), and other tasks as needed.  Assistance provided may be physical (e.g. hands-on washing or helping in or out of the tub) or simply verbal cueing (reminders/supervision with ADL’s)
  2. Assist residents to gather soiled clothing for laundry.
  3. Assists residents to put clean laundry away in closet, drawers
  4. Assist residents to straighten their rooms if cluttered to avoid falls/tripping.
  5. Offer residents fluids in between meals
  6. Remind residents of daily schedule; encourage participation in activities and assist with activities whenever possible.
  7. Notifies nurses if the resident shows signs or symptoms of possible health-related problems or changes in behaviors.
  8. Provides input into service plan through discussion with a nurse.
  9. Completes the belongings sheet as part of the admission process.
  10. Assists resident &/or family in sending clothes to be marked in the laundry.
  11. Assist residents or family members with the packing of belongings upon discharge or transfer.
  12. Initiate activities with residents who appear to have been sitting in the lobby for long periods of time.
  13. Notify nursing if the resident has any abnormal markings or skin discolorations detected while assisting with showers.
  14. Completion of ADL sheets/shift, documentation and PCA notes.
  15. Assist residents to their seats in the dining room and remove walkers as necessary
  16. Assist dietary with serving meals, clean up and set up of the dining room.
  17. Other duties as assigned by nurse, manager or administrator that is within the scope of practice.

Experience: High School diploma or equivalent;  on-the-job training related to the position, i.e. personal care

Mental/Physical Requirements:

              Ability to communicate with residents, families, and other staff members

              Walking, bending, standing most of the day.

              Ability to maintain a sense of compassion and respect for all residents at all times.