A portrait of Clara Welty  A portrait of Bertha Welty

The kindness of two sisters has left a lasting legacy for the people of Wheeling. All the facilities and services of The Welty Home for the Aged, Inc. were made possible through the charitable donation of Clara and Bertha Welty, who left the bulk of their estate to create a trust that would help elderly people.

Clara Welty, the last surviving member of a Wheeling merchant’s family, used her inheritance to support worthy causes, especially the Catholic Church. She cared deeply about the poor and provided direct assistance to a number of families in Wheeling, West Virginia, during and after the Great Depression. Her generosity was so profound that it earned the notice of the Vatican; in 1949, Pope Pius XII bestowed the Papal Medal on Miss Welty.

In 1950, she donated her family home as a place to provide care for elderly people in a “Christian, charitable and benevolent manner.” Since then the Welty Trust has funded the construction or renovation of six residential complexes, all located in the same tree-lined neighborhood in Wheeling to provide quality housing and health care for people over 65:

  • Welty Home
  • Clara Welty Apartments
  • Good Shepherd Nursing Home
  • Bertha Welty Apartments
  • Braddock Apartments
  • Welty TownHomes

The Clara Welty Apartments and Bertha Welty Apartments offer spacious, attractive one- and two- bedroom apartments for adults. Welty TownHomes offer single-story courtyard homes with two bedrooms, two-car garages, porches, and patios. The Braddock Apartments, located within the Good Shepherd campus, are independent living residences for couples and singles. Many residents have a spouse, sibling or other close loved one living at Good Shepherd, so they can easily visit any time they wish. The Welty Home LC, next door to the Clara Welty Apartments, offers assisted living services and Good Shepherd Nursing Home LC, one-half mile away, provides intermediate and skilled nursing care and short-term physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Today, as a result of Miss Welty’s generosity, the people of our area have access to

  • 103 independent retirement living apartments in the Clara Welty and Bertha Welty Apartment complexes
  • 52 private assisted living suites in the Welty Home
  • 54 private and 69 semi-private rooms in Good Shepherd for people who need skilled care
  • 15 independent apartments within the Good Shepherd campus
  • 12 single-story courtyard homes at Welty TownHomes.

Since 1950, Miss Welty’s original bequest of $2.9 million, carefully managed by the Welty Corporation trustees, has funded $47 million worth of construction and renovation at the Welty Home, Good Shepherd, The Clara Welty Apartments, The Bertha Welty Apartments, Braddock Apartments, and Welty TownHomes.

Over the years, the Welty Corporation has housed and cared for more than 5,000 individuals. The corporation today employs 338 people and contributes more than $20.1 million annually to the local economy.