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The right choice for short-term therapy

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Mary Jane Langmyer is home again with her husband of 51 years, Bill.

For years Good Shepherd provided wonderful long-term and skilled care for people from our area. Today, however, it’s also the choice of people who need short term therapy programs.  After undergoing a hip or knee replacement or other surgery, many now turn to Good Shepherd to get the therapy and care they need to recover and return home.

  In the past year, dozens of folks have stayed at Good Shepherd for short periods of time  from a couple of weeks to several months – to receive physical, occupational and speech therapy. Good Shepherd also continues to provide long-term care for its residents and was voted Best Nursing Home in the area by readers of Wheeling Newspapers.

Good Shepherd contracts with Absolute Rehabilitation and Consulting of Ohio, a highly respected treatment team that works with our own staff of healthcare professionals. This interdisciplinary approach provides aggressive, comprehensive therapy program  designed to return short-term patients to their homes and long-term residents to their highest levels of functioning.

 Mary Jane Langmyer of Triadelphia is home again after suffering a broken neck, broken hip and concussion in a fall last year. “I had surgery and Wheeling Hospital, and then went to Good Shepherd for rehab,” she said. “I would be here today without them.”

Mrs. Langmyer’s injuries were so severe that she required nine months of therapy to recover.
“I wanted to get home to my husband, Bill, so I worked hard,” she said. “I had physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.”

“Everyone at Good Shepherd was wonderful,” she said. “They were so nice to me and kept encouraging me along the way.” Returning home was a great reward for completing therapy, she said. “Bill and I have been married 51 years. It was good to be together again.”

  Good Shepherd has built a new therapy gym to accommodate the increase in therapy patients, and added medical equipment such as hydraulic lifts, hydrocollators, ultrasound and electronic stimulation equipment to promote healing.  

If you or somebody you love needs short-term therapy, come and take a look at what we have to offer. You can also call 304.242.1093 or email Tawnya Knierim, our admissions director, for more information.