Short-term Therapy



Today fully 15 to 20 percent of Good Shepherd residents are short-term patients who chose Good Shepherd to provide intense therapy. 

Our excellent therapy programs help people regain their independence after an illness, stroke, heart attack, joint replacement, other surgery, or injury that leaves them unable to return home immediately. Services include:

  • physical therapy
  • occupational therapy and
  • speech therapy.

Therapy at Good Shepherd is provided by Absolute Rehabilitation and Consulting of Ohio, a highly respected treatment team that works with Good Shepherd’s own staff of healthcare professionals. This interdisciplinary approach is designed to provide aggressive, comprehensive therapy programs designed to return short-term patients and long-term residents to their highest levels of functioning.

In the past year, 94 people stayed at Good Shepherd for short periods of time ranging from a couple of weeks to several months to receive therapy before returning home.